Craft Beer In Havana

What do you know about Cuba? Tell me one thing let you remember this country? I bet that you will select cigars. Yes, Cuban cigars are known as the highest-quality cigar on the market. Look at the price range and you will know the differences between cigar in Cuba and other countries. You must pay at least $105 for a premium Cuban cigars whilst this number in other countries is just $10. But, that is not the only one product make people remember Cuba. There is still another one – the craft beer. As you know, Havana ( the capital of Cuba) has an ideal weather for beer lovers. That is hot and humid. Sound ridiculous but it is true. Only the hot weather is suitable for the beer lover. If it is cold, beer lovers will choose hot coffee. The first condition ( weather) is suitable for the fan of beer. How about the second condition ( the beer). There is only an answer for this question – perfect. Havana has two bars which serve the perfect craft beer for tourist. They are also the hottest place for tourist due to creative design. This article will show you information related to them


Cerveceria Antiguo Almacen de la Madera y El Tabaco

This place is not only a good place to enjoy fresh beer but it is also a beautiful place to take photos with your friend. Firstly, let’s look at the design of the bar. Unlike other bars in Cuba, this bar has the modern layout and creative background. The atmosphere in this bar makes the tourist feel comfortable. However, if you like the modern music such as POP, ROCK. You should not go to this bar because it only has Cuban traditional performance. Sound not interesting but you still have another reason to go there. That is the taste of beer. The taste of beer in this bar is unique. No restaurant or bar in the world can make a taste like this place. It is hard to describe the taste of a craft beer but this beer is the combined of barley and Cuban vegetables with the perfect maintenance. Once you taste this beer, this taste will still be on your mind for a long time because of its unique. Trust me! it will be one of the most tasteful you have ever tried

Cerveceria Fabrica Plaza Vieja

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