Key Points To Success When Playing Golf

There are many factors affect the ability of winning of a golfer. The two most important factors are physical strength and mentality. Good physical body will help you maintain speed throughout a game. However, mentality is more important and even determines result of a game.

The difference in level and technique between golfers in top 200 of the world is not really big. So what made Tiger Woods dominant golf courses in more than 10 years since the first Major in his career (Masters Tournament 2007)? What brought 22-year-old golfer Jordan Spieth to uninterrupted winnings in 2015? The answer is the mentality.


In some kinds of sports such as Tennis and soccer, players always have their coaches and others supporting. However, golf is totally different. Every time golfer walks on the course to play, they have to control every situation that can happen to themselves. At that time, the stable mentality is the key to open the door to victory.

Watching some matches on TV, sometimes we see tennis players hit their bats on the ground or soccer players argue with referees or opponents to reduce stress. However, golfers are not allowed to do these things because of strict rules of golf. More important, if they can not control their own feelings, the game will be over.

Another reason to become a master of this sport is that you should prepare best things for every battle. With golf, you should prepare the most suitable golf club. This guideline can give you some information related to this

So what do golfers do to maintain stable mentality when playing? The answer is they need a psychology coach. This coach hardly appears to public but he or she is one of persons having big influence on the success of golfers. You have to choose yourself a psychology coach and it is not cheap at all. The fees for this coach takes up a big amount of fees that golfers have to spend.

The first challenge for mentality comes from the first hole of a round. It may be hole number 1 or hole number 9. At this first tee-box, a lot of people watching will create a huge pressure on golfers. If you are a professional golfer, one “not so good tee-box” still can make you lose your face in front of people, especially when you are a famous golfer.

The next challenge would be hole number 18, the signature hole. This is not only the most difficult hole in a round, but also the hole having the biggest number of fans watching. It is really difficult when playing at this hole, especially in round 4.

If you do not have a good mentality strength, playing golf to practice. And if you want to succeed, you have to continue practicing. That is what golf really is.

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