A Small Guide For Beginners To Know How Golf Is Played

We probably know golf is a great sports game for all ages to play, but if we know identify golf is played. In other words, all players should know and practice basic rules on a regular basis.


Prepare everything for entering a practice range or the course

It is perfect if players have a coach or an instructor to help them how a game is played. Yes, we are talking about an experienced player who can support you step onto the game rules. He or she can guide you in the practice range or the course as well as what things you need to prepare beforehand.

In case you still do not have a coach, you should go around and find out a local club to become a member as they might have foundation classes for beginners. Please keep in mind that you need to look up everything about that place before registering.

Additionally, you could read some information with tips on some sports newspapers and magazines to have a general background about golf. You also ought to discover some golf equipment such as the best rangefinder, golf club, golf balls, golf bags, etc.

How to hit the ball


You should choose the right golf ball to make sure you have a good shot. Here are tips to choose golf balls

Step 1: Adjust your stand position

Before swing, you should adjust your stand position. All your shoulders, hips, feet and even your face need to align in front of the ball. Moreover, your body should also relax and parallel to the ball. Create maximum balance by putting your feet and shoulder are wide.

Step 2: Place your hands on the right position of the golf club

Put your right hand in front of your left right hand on the club. Hold your arms straight at the same time. When your hands move, your arms will also put down under your chin.

Step 3: Complete one backswing

To complete one backswing, you should move the club back away from the ball. You will need to move the club to the right if you are a right-handed player. The right elbow slightly curves while the left elbow stays. Your shoulders should bend a little.

Then, you raise the golf club until you make a slight distance from shoulders and hip. Never swing the club high as your body feels uncomfortable at all. In case you are the left-handed, you should reverse the side.

Step 4: Shoot the ball

In this time, you need to swing the club towards the ball on the right side. Do not forget to bend your knees slightly to make a strong friction to swing the club and hit the ball. For those who are left-handed persons, they should change the left side.

When shooting, you should still pay attention to your club. Continue to swing over your shoulders and your elbows will be curved. Do not forget to draw attention to the ball path until it flown down to the surface.


Golf is also a tough sports game to play, so you need to practice it regularly. Even if advanced players always hit the balls all the time. Be patient to practice more and more for the first time you cannot shoot the ball to the right target.

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