Top 5 Etiquette Tips For Golf Beginners

Playing golf is quite different from playing other sports since golf has been considered as a “gentleman’s game”. Therefore, as a golf player, you will be expected to perform appropriate etiquette if you would like to be respected. Here are top golf tips that you should follow to behave in accordance with golf etiquette.


Tip 1: Be ready to hit your balls quickly

Even though golf is really not considered as a fast-paced game, golf players on the course still do not prefer golfers who cannot keep up. Therefore, you should prepare so that you could be ready to hit your balls quickly when your turn comes. The tip here is that you should stay about half a hole behind your preceding group of golfers.

Tip 2: Make Sure You Clarify with Your Group about the Order

It is important to notes that there are two type of golf playing order. The first one is “ready golf,” which simply means that whoever is ready to hit can go, without regard to a specific order. The second one is “traditional”, or follows the golf guidelines. Make sure you clarify with your group about the order so that you could strictly follow.

Tip 3: Do not Forget to Yell, “Fore!”

Yelling “Fore” very loudly is the standard warning recognized by all golfers and this is also considered as a way to protect golfers from a ball that might be headed in their direction. Therefore, do not forget to yell “Fore!” when a ball flies off the intended trajectory and there are other golfers in the vicinity.

Tip 4: Keep the Golf Course in Tip-Top Shape When Playing

In order to keep golf courses in tip-top shape, it should be taken into account a lot of effort on the part of groundskeepers and golfers alike. You should only drive golf carts on cart paths, unless permission has been granted for you to drive on the grass. You should prepare both divots in the turf and ball marks on the green before moving on to the next hole. In addition, you should rank sand bunkers after balls are hit from bunkers.

Tip 5: Stand in the Correct Place

You need to always make sure that no one is within striking distance when you are lining up your shots and preparing to swing. However, it is also very important to note that when you are waiting for your turns, you should not stand too close to the hitter’s swing zone or in other positions that might interfere with the hitter’s concentration. Rather, you should stand several yards away, slightly behind and to the side of the ball is usually a good position.

Remember all 5 tips above, and you will receive respect from other golfers for your appropriate golf etiquette.

Source: Weekly Choices

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