Yardage? Is it imporant in golf?

Today, we will find out one of the most popular words in golf – “Yardage”. What is it and how it affects your game. Everything will be clear with this article. If you are a new golfer and you don’t understand this word, it is the time to review it with this article. Let’s check it right now!


Yardage Definition

Simply, this word means the distance measured by yards. That is the simple definition which you can find out in a Cambridge or Oxford dictionary. However, the lack of two famous dictionaries is the definition in golf. Every professional golfer knows Yardage in a different way. They believe that when mentioning Yardage, that means the distance from the Grass location ( the first and also the starting position of golf players) and the flag position( the final position where the final hole is near the flag). In conclusion, yardage will be measured by yards and is calculated by the distance between the first and the last position of a golf course.

How it affects your game

Distance measuring seems to be an unnecessary calculation in a golf game. That is the thought of new members of a golf club. However, they will soon their mind if they compete with top class golf players. With world-class golfers, nothing is useless. Every information is a step to approach the win and one of the most important details is the Yardage. Only the amateur doesn’t care about this measure. The professional golfers will consider this information at first. To explain why it is very crucial to any players, you should look at what a golfer needs to win a golf game. That is not about the power of your shot, the final finishing or the right angle. That is something above them. It called a plan or you can use the word “Strategy”. Without purpose, we will not do anything right and without a plan, nothing will be done. That is true for all situations and golf is not an exception. A strategy will decide which side is the winner. In golf, you must accumulate figures of the match in the real time. Yardage is one of the most valuable statistics. Having a knowledge about distance, you can easily control the match. The power of your shot will not be wasted and your finishing will be more accurate. Everything will stick to plan and mistake will be no more with a right plan.

Golf Rangefinder

Using a golf rangefinder will help you manage this situation. You can easily get figures for Yardage in a short time with this device. If you still wonder whether you buy it or not, let’s check these reasons why you should buy a golf rangefinder

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